TLS Junior High Academy

‘Leaders In Christ’



The leadership program for TLS Academy students has been designed to teach students how to become Leaders in Christ. We recognize the need for students to stand up for Christianity and to be ready to take their God-given place in the global marketplace. Academy students will discover and honor their talents so they may lead other people to Christ. The leadership coursework teaches students how facilitate the use of their gifts while at the same time, learn how to persevere with fortitude when things become challenging; to hold effective discussions through seminars, presentations, and to demonstrate initiative as they discover how to lead others. Christian character development is emphasized throughout all classes.


Grade 5


Students will discover their God-given spiritual gifts and strengths through many strength-based assessments.  Students will learn how to rely on those strengths and celebrate the strengths of others.   Students will also refine self-discipline and learn to work in productive groups collaboratively.

Grade 6


Students are taught first how to lead themselves, and then how to lead others. Connecting to the 6th grade theme of relationship, this process involves applying effective communication skills such as listening, observing, and persuasive conversational, presentation, and written skills.

Grade 7

Service & Stewardship

Students learn to become stewards of God’s creations, including each other. Servant leadership is studied with a focus on humility. Students learn how to organize and lead others in charity work.  Students fundraise, run a business, help write small grants and serve in the TLS community, locally and globally.

Grade 8


8th grade students explore the concept of truth. They participate more deeply in Apologetics. Students identify problematic aspects of the world or culture we live in today.  They focus on ways to have a strategic and intentional influence to foster a case for Christin high school and beyond.