Junior High Academy: High School Prep Curriculum


The TLS Junior High Academy prepares students for high school. Courses are challenging, engaging, and supportive by providing an academic environment that addresses the distinctive needs of early adolescents prior to high school. Students explore new interests, refine intellectual integrity, grasp increasingly challenging academic concepts, build collaborative relationships, develop confidence and independent thinking skills that will prepare them for high school and beyond.



The Junior High Academy provides coursework that offers not only traditionally-paced assignments, but provides differentiated grouping styles to offer remediation and advanced work. The program emphasizes the concurrent development of work and study habits to ensure success in meeting the increasing demands of academic studies.

At our core, we stand on these 3 principles for learning:

  • Christian
  • Classical
  • Bible-Centered


Here are the course offerings for the Junior High Academy


  • Bible & Religion Courses: The Bible is the Number One Text at TLS

Trinity Lutheran School partners with families to instruct children with a firm knowledge of the Scriptures, as well as develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition to daily prayers and devotions, students begin each day with exploration and analysis of Scripture. Click here to read more about the Junior High Academy Bible and Religion courses and curriculum.


  • Loving Language through Learning Latin!

Learning Latin is tremendously important in 21st century education. TLS strives to build background knowledge of language through learning Latin as early as 2nd grade. While introductory in primary grades, Latin instruction increases in intensity in the Junior High Academy. Students enrolling in the high school program will take Latin, Greek or German. Click here to read more about Trinity’s implementation of Latin.



  • TLS Mathematics: Setting a High Standard for Excellence to Ensure a Bright Future

Saxon Math [Hake’s version] is our core math resource from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  According to our 2018 Winter Benchmark testing, TLS math classes are testing at least one grade level ahead. Our 8th grade class, for example, is testing at 12th grade levels! Click here to read more about Trinity’s comprehensive Junior High Academy math approach and curriculum.



  • Humanities: Discovering the Truth of Human Interactions Worldwide Throughout Time

Humanities content is a vital component to the Junior High Academy Paideia Classes. Click here to read Humanities course descriptions and expectations, and how concepts and analysis build over time.



  • Paideia: Integrating Literature, English and Humanities Studies for Depth of Knowledge of Godly Human Character

Paideia is a Greek term which means “training our mental and physical faculties to produce a broad, enlightened outlook harmoniously combined with maximum cultural development”



  • Science & Technology

Trinity Lutheran School aims impart God’s truths. Science and Technology instruction is done with an emphasis on Creation, God as our Creator and the Controller of the universe.  Science emphasizes a hands-on approach to study the world God created and redeemed.  God’s created universe will be comprehensively explored. God has eternal power and science helps us see the orderliness, beauty and precision in the natural world. Faculty integrate God’s Word into hands on labs, real world adventures and even technology.