Literacy: Balancing Blended Learning for 21st Century Students


Trinity strives to strike a balance between classical and modern methods of teaching literacy. Through extensive research by our literacy team leaders, we have identified common strands of data which have proven most effective at helping young learners achieve the most from a literacy program. TLS incorporates the absolute best practices of teaching literacy from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.





  • Spalding Method for Reading, Writing and Spelling [K-2]
  • Great Books Curriculum for Shared Inquiry
  • Reading Street Guided Reading Program [K-2]
  • Classic Novel Studies
  • Shurley English
  • 6-Trait Writing
  • Spelling Connections
  • Latin  







Texts include a variety of genre from the classics, contemporary, fiction, non-fiction, and excerpts that match student’s readability levels.  Authentic texts and high quality literature are the foundation for the TLS English Language Arts Programs. Students use authentic texts at every corner through self-selection, assigned reading, novel studies, text excerpts to help them master essential reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary skills. We view basal readers as a supplement to reading instruction, and prefer students read books they love to build knowledge and gain background knowledge about critical topics, as well as master literacy skills. Group and peer discussions about texts are frequent and inspire critical and independent thinking, and frequent questioning in each class.  Additional research based text resources may be integrated from sources such as Read Write Think and Read Works.