TLS Math: Mastery Teaching Meets Blended Learning


At Trinity, we teach math using direct instruction through Saxon Math as our base curriculum. Each grade level works one year ahead in Saxon math. For example, first grade uses second grade Saxon lessons, second grade uses third grade Saxon math lessons, and so forth.  We balance delivery techniques or resources to match each child’s learning needs. TLS math teachers use a variety of grouping styles, whole group, small group, partner work an individualized learning.  

Blended learning takes place when teachers deliver independent work through both educational technology and paper-and-pencil practice to ensure key standards are taught, practiced and mastered. Rocket math (e.g, math mastery)  is used daily in Kindergarten through 3rd grade to help students commit to long-term memory those ever-important basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.



Students are regularly assessed and monitored to ensure they are working to their God-given potential. Whether a child is a high ability learner, or in need of immediate intervention, our team creates a personalized learning plan.

Students love to ROCKET TO SUCCESS!